What is life all about?

Humanity is waking up. However, in between your sleeping and actual waking up, there is a period of confusion and a state of feeling groggy. It is a half-awake and half-asleep state and our intellects can be very disturbed. Most humans seem to be living in this state and surrendered to a system which ensures that this state continues – a life without questioning and devoid of any joy.

When life presents itself with conducive situations and everything you need is taken care of, you seem to be untroubled and undisturbed. You are in control. But, what do you think will happen when this balance tilts? What will happen to you when situations change to something you just do not like?

You will either become diffident, losing all the confidence that you may have shown upto that point OR just do what is easy – run!

Isn’t it?

The amusing part is that in either case- when you collapse or when you run – the questions within your mind never seem to cease. You are constantly looking for solutions to problems. The most common being : What is the purpose of my life? Is there any meaning to life? What am I doing here on this earth? Where am I heading? Is there a blessed God in this entire picture? What is my relationship with the world and God.

But tell me, how can you find an answer?

As a society we have built a complex system around us. We now belong to it. We hardly have any childhood or growing up left for our children. So much of pressure, the need to get a degree is not enough now. It has to be from the best school, college and university. But then, that too is not enough. We do all this only to get a job. But is that sufficient? A job is to get money, have a good source of income. If you have a job that doesn’t pay well, you are no good for society. Isn’t it?

Then of course, all the challenges of getting a good spouse, getting married, having children, sending them to good schools, and the cycle is endless. Corporates, finances, politics, religion, social structures, community, neighbours are just few things that you have to deal with.

So tell me, where do you have time or the leisure to have your questions answered?

Ironically, unless you have these questions answered, you will keep running in circles trying to acquire or achieve more than what you already have.

I want to ask you whether you have had such questions and how do you deal with them?

I would love to hear your comments below. Let’s begin a meaningful dialogue!


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